CV, Mattias Sundström


Name:                    Erik Mattias Sundström

Birth nr:                 710320-4876

Homeaddress:       Källebergsvägen 1, 448 91 Floda

Hometelephone:    +46-302-511 70

Mobile:                  +46-706-000 853





System architecture, design and development

Business development



2006                      Consultant for Telia regarding Portal Development

                              System Architect at Teleca regarding 
Windows Mobile Driver development.


2003-2005             Technical Director at MindArk PE AB
Responsible for development and production of 
the online service Project Entropia. Responsible for 
transforming a project organization of 65 employees 
into line organization.

                              Reference: Jan Welter Timkrans, MindArk


2000-2002             Responsible for development of Telia portal.

                              Reference: Anders Meyer, Telia
Teamleader for portal development, responsible for establishment of 
maintenance organization. Responsible for transforming 
a projectorganization of 90 consultants into line organization.

                              Introduced Unified Change Management (Rational) and

                              RUP/XP into the development organization.

                              Reference: Bjarne Christiansson, Telia
Responsible for technical development of Internet 
services within Telia.
Reference: Stefan Fägerhall, Telia


1998-2000             VD and owner of Item Interactive with 12 employees.
Reference: Peter Thorngren, Teleca
Operative as project manager and system architect.

                              Lead the project for a brand new (TEWS 2.0).

                              Reference: Bjarne Christiansson, Telia
Developed a web application for Nokia/sreg and educated in
system architecture and development for a new business 
system for Svenska Stöldskyddsregistret.
Reference: Fredrik Hallebro, Magnus Friberg,
Developed an objectorienterad architectur for 24-timmar.
Reference: Krister Bengtsson, Telia
Participated in architecture project to develop a
webportal for IFS Sverige.
Reference: Bobby Izzasadhe, IFS Sverige


1996-1998             Responsible for internal technology, core developer in 
the development team and took part in the heavier 
IT procets at AdEra.

                              Reference: Rolf Janson, AdEra

                              Developed a portal sales and engineer tool 
for SCA Packaging.

                              Reference: Susanne Baldwin, SCA Packaging

                              Constructed first e-store for Telia, "Butiken-På-Nätet" and 
first dynamic websolution for Telia.Se (TEWS 1.0)

                              Reference: Lars-Erik Wennerholm, Telia




1978-1990             12-year Waldorfschool

1990-1991             Military services, teamleader anti submarine

1992                      Economics, University of Gothenburg

1992-1993             Technical Base Year, Chalmers School of Technology

1993-1996             Industrial Economics, Chalmers School of Technology




Married, living in Floda outside Gothenburg, two children aged 1 and 3.